Sourcing is the action of supplying goods for specific needs for many owners, such as procurement and supplies that became a sensitive area.

Mattina Hnos. SACIAN with over 70 years of experience became the leading supplier for national and foreign flag vessels calling Argentinian Ports, optimizing times, costs, trucking, storing of foods and technical stores required by our Clients.

We participate in a strategic and fundamental part of our clients and partners activities.

Our Company, with more than 100 people, works aiming to satisfy Customers needs at absolutely all Argentinian ports, 24 hrs., 365 days of the year, guaranteeing good quality and reliable Service.

We are members of International Ship Supplier Association (ISSA), The International Marine Purchasing Association (IMPA), SHIPSERV, among other organisms and associations of the Industry.

Needless to mention that Mattina is recognized worldwide.

More than 70 years ago, Mattina Hnos. SACIAN. started its activity as a family entrepreneurship, headed by the brothers Juan and José Mattina in the city of Ensenada nearby the Port of La Plata.

Quite soon, the Mattina brothers started to stand out as a company with a prominent future. Consequently, they moved to the “Republic of La Boca”, docklands of then, the great Port of Buenos Aires. They started with fresh and dry goods for Argentina’s flag vessels. With the passage of time, the activity extended to Foreign flags as well, mostly greek.

Due to Mattina brothers’ strength and capacity, working just in Buenos Aires was not enough. Other Ports, mostly those established along the Paraná River, started to demand greater arrivals of Cargo vessels. First branch was inaugurated in San Lorenzo, Province of Santa Fé.

Years went by and Mattina became the leading Supplier in the Country with a team of more than 120 families.

Some years later, both brothers pass away.

On June the 30th, 2018, Mattina Ship Supplier starts a new process. Juan Carlos Mattina purchases the total of the shares package, thus becoming sole owner.

Several Managers justify the Company and new managers in fewer number, but with admirable commitment and dedication, join Mr. Juan Carlos in the development of new and ambitious expansion projects.

Despite the different economic crisis in Argentina, sales representatives were appointed in Greece, Turkey and United Kingdom

The great number of Ports along Argentinian’s navigable routes calls out Mattina for a more forceful presence; thus in a short period of time five branches with offices, warehouse, cold storage and reefer vehicles were inaugurated in Mar del Plata, Bahía Blanca, Puerto Madryn, Puerto Deseado and Ushuaia.

Nowadays, these branches strategically located along the coast, enable us to Supply in absolutely all Argentinian ports.