We stock more than 25,000 dry products and about 200 frozen within 15 cold chambers on a total of 20,000m3. of storage capacity.

Every day we receive fresh fruits and vegetables which are later delivered to vessels.

Purchasing experts, with many years of experience, ensure from their origin the quality of meats, fruits and vegetables, guaranteeing the quality of our premises. A great number of technical stores, grocery and dry products guarantee safety of our clients demands.


The quality of meat, in terms of food, depends on a combination of several factors, among which the type of livestock raising stands out.

At MATTINA Hnos. We take care of the quality of our meats from the beginning. We have PAMPAMARE, the meat brand of MATTINA, our meat products being recognized and required by our customers.


Undoubtedly, one of the pillars of MATTINA is the quality in the provision of fresh fruits and vegetables on board. From the beginning we take care of the quality of the fruits and vegetables: we have a warehouse in the Central Market of Buenos Aires, which guarantees us both the freshness and the volume of the products we offer in the different vessels.


At MATTINA Hnos. We offer our clients a wide range and variety of products and materials that ships consume on board.

A team of technicians is available to our customers to identify each of the specific requirements of the area of materials, chemicals or cleaning. It is only necessary to carry out the requirement.